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How ASDA uses CARTO for Site Selection

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The Client


ASDA is one of the largest British supermarket chains with over 600 stores across the UK. In 2019, ASDA launched their Click and Collect service; and in 2015 they launched their “toyou” parcels service, where they offer more than just a pick-up and drop off service for their George.com business. They are partnered with over 140 retail partners including ASOS, Missguided and Feel Unique.

“ToYou” Locker Site Selection

ASDA had 639 locations enabled for their toyou parcel service within their estate; their goal is to grow their business to 5,000 locations by expanding their addressable market via external drop boxes that are located closer to their customers, rather than solely relying on their traditional estate (which was typically a 10-minute commute for consumers).
In order to get started with their expansion plan, they needed location data and insights to understand the key drivers for the site selection of new click-and-collect locations before deployment - as well as understanding proximity to target demographic and socioeconomic segments (e.g. universities).

Informing profitable growth decisions

Thanks to CARTO, ASDA is now able to visualize and enrich their datasets with more up-to-date data from the CARTO Data Observatory which allows them to make informed decisions as they grow and ensure greater profitability. ASDA uses a wide range of spatial data including POIs (points of interest), human mobility data, and demographics to understand which locations will drive the highest volume of returns and collections, as well as identifying at what times people are typically near a site. The solution also allows them to avoid the cannibalization of areas near pre-existing ASDA estates.


When searching for a solution, a user-friendly interface was of utmost importance to ASDA so business users could easily interact with the platform in the office, and on the go while visiting sites. They chose CARTO due to the selection of data available (more than 12,000 datasets globally), the ability to have an off-the-shelf solution (vs building from zero) and the possibility to have support from a world-class team of data science and development experts. Hear the whole story here!


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